Water Pressure

WATER PRESSURES.  12-22-2017

Idaho Rules for Drinking Water Systems – IDAPA 51.01.08 Section 552.01.b refers to Rules for action to be taken if water supply pressures fall below 20 psi at ground level at point of service.

While Syringa Heights Water District is supplying our members with pressures that fall within the State DEQ guidelines, it is our endeavor to provide pressures that are workable for the members. With the terrain within the District, it is difficult to have optimum pressure for everyone’s Service.

For those with lower pressure than they would like means others will have higher pressures than they would like. In an effort to increase pressures in the higher elevations, the District has caused leaks, which we are trying to locate.

The District is also in the process of improving the supply and distribution system. . We have contracted with Sewell Engineers, and they have submitted plans to DEQ. While there is nothing we can do about the elevation situation, an additional pump station on Upland Drive may be a solution. Hopefully DEQ will approve this plan.