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January 22, 2018
Board adopts cross connection control policy.


SYRINGA WATER DISTRICT November 10, 1982 Latest Revision: November 9, 2015

ADOPTED as the By-Laws of the SYRINGA HEIGHTS WATER DISTRICT by a majority vote of the Board of Directors ON THIS ____ 10th ____ day of ______November__, 1982

Fred Darnell, Russ Yerkes, Bud Hanson, Keith Knickish, Gene Littlefield, Mark Coburn, Ralph Green, Neil Tucker, Bud Moon

SYRINGA WATER DISTRICT 2015 Board of Directors

Name Term Ends
Verna Gabel February, 2022
Frank Cafferty February, 2022
Stephen Drinkard February, 2024
Fred Darnell February, 2020
Mike Benjamin February, 2020

1.The District shall be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five (5) individuals. Three of whom must live in the District and own a water certificate. Each board member shall be compensated monthly for services rendered ($100) per Idaho Code 42-3211.  A member may miss up to two (2) meetings per calendar year and still be paid.

2. The Board shall be organized in the manner provided by Idaho Code 42-3209.

3. The Board shall cause to have biennial elections as follows:  On the even years, elections shall take place at the regular meeting in February. Nominations for open Board seats are to be advertised on the prior December and January billings. The majority of Board members shall be Certificate holders in the District. Nominations shall take place prior to January 10th. In the event there are more nominees than open seats, a ballot will be made available to Certificate holders by notice on the February billing, with votes to be counted at the regular February meeting. Terms are for 6 years, with no more than two seats being voted on at each election cycle.

4. The Board shall have all the powers enumerated in Idaho Code 42-3212.

5. The Board shall meet once a month at a time and place agreed upon by the members. This meeting shall be made available to Certificate holders by inquiry at least a week before said meeting. Special meetings may be held as often as the needs of the District require, on notice, by mail, email and/or telephone to each member of the board. The Board may conduct business at any meeting at which all members have been given notice and at least (3) members are in attendance. No business may be conducted by proxy. Business may be conducted by confirmation of email from a majority of members.

6. All persons connected to the system shall pay a fee for the water service in the amount set forth in the attached Exhibit “A”.

7. All persons desiring to connect to the system shall pay an equity fee and a connection fee in the amount specified in exhibit “A”. The Board may accept property or services of an equivalent value in exchange for any fees required hereunder.

8. No connection shall be made to the system without the prior approval of the Board and the payment of the equity and connection fees.

9. NEW USER OR TRANSFER OF EXISTING CERTIFICATE:  A new Certificate may be issued to the transferee of an existing Certificate after receipt of notification of sale or transfer documents are received by the Secretary. It is the responsibility of the Certificate holder to notify the District within 15 days of said sale or transfer. A transfer fee may be applied after 15 days of date of transfer. After 30 days, a Notice of Water Shut-Off may be mailed to both parties. The Secretary shall provide two copies of By-Laws and related documents to the proposed member. After receiving one signed copy of all documents back, and payment of any fees or encumbrances on the Certificate, the Secretary will then issue a new Certificate to the proposed new member. This process shall be done within a 30-day period. Merely signing a release of rights to a Certificate to another party does not constitute a valid transfer. The same procedure shall be followed when issuing a new Certificate to a new member. Upon issuing a Certificate to a new user, the Secretary may elect to advise the new user by letter as to how to access the By-Laws and website of the District. It will be the responsibility of the user to familiarize themselves with these documents.

10. All water supplied by the District is for the benefit of the Certificate holder. If used at a property not owned by the Certificate holder, a claim for delinquent billings by the District may be made against the Certificate including water use or other fees or assessments. The District may, after serving a 30-day notice, elect to cancel certificate and turn off water, and after 6 months, may revoke Certificate and remove meter until payment is made in full. If Certificate owner and property is in the same name, a lien may be placed upon the property. If not paid in full within 6 months, Certificate may be cancelled by the District, and meter removed. Collection of past due accounts to be made per Idaho Statute Title 42, Chapter 3212. Charges for water shut off and meter removal will apply.

11. The District shall read the meters monthly.

12. The Board shall set a fee to be charged by the District for each time it is necessary for the District to turn the water service on or off for a given parcel of property.

13. The Board shall have the power to declare an emergency and provide for the rationing of water when appropriate.

14. The Board shall cause to be installed and maintained by the District a water meter. The owner shall be responsible for the installation and maintenance of all facilities downstream from the meters, including any pressure control devices necessary to protect the owners water system. The meter is the point of delivery and owner shall pay for all water metered even if lost due to broken pipes.

15. The water provided by the District shall be used for domestic purposes only. unless otherwise approved by the Board.

16. Not more than one (1) single family residence shall be serviced by each connection to the system. Any deviation from this must be approved by the Board.

17. The Board shall have the power to create and maintain a sinking fund for the purpose of meeting any future obligations of the District.

18. All fees and charges by the District not received by the 30th day of the month shall become delinquent. The date in February is the 28th. Postmarked by the 25th will be honored. Late charges of $15.00 per billing cycle will apply and continue until the account is current. Notice of termination may be given after two consecutive later charges with an accumulative balance.  Notice may be given by mail or door hangar, if not able to contact personally. If water service is terminated a charge of $60.00 may be levied to turn water back on.

19. The Board shall terminate service to any property the owner or tenant of which is in any other way in violation of the provisions of these by-laws.

20. The Board shall assess as additional fees any costs incurred by the District in enforcing any of the provisions of the by-laws, including a reasonable attorney fee.

21. A Board member may be engaged for misc. services and meter reading for the District.

22. These by-laws may be amended at any time by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

SYRINGA WATER DISTRICT Revised: 9-14-09 Revised: 8-8-11 Revised: 3-1-13 Revised: 10-28-13 Revised: 12-18-14 (Election Item 3) Revised 11-9-15 (Items 1, 11 and 18; deleted item H in Exhibit A) Revised: 1-9-18  (Item H was added in Exhibit A) EXHIBIT A

A. Water fees to be determined based on rates charged by City of Sandpoint. Added to this will be costs of operations, including meter reading, billing costs, reserve fund for maintenance, accounting and auditing services, testing costs, and other incidental costs of doing business.

B.  Billings will be a base charge determined by the cost of operating the system divided by number of users.  Added to this will be the cost of water which is run through each individual meter, as billed to the District by the City of Sandpoint. Rates change after 3,000, 15,000 and 40,000 gallons usage.

C. It shall be the responsibility of the property owner to maintain access and readability of the meter.

D. An Equity fee will be charged for new connections to the District, and a Certificate will be issued to each user. This fee to be reviewed periodically and adjusted as necessary to reflect current market value, costs of infrastructure, etc.

The cost of a new Certificate shall be $6185.00 as of July, 2018

E. A connection fee will be charged to reimburse the District all costs related to connection at the Main running to the property line. The District will install the meter and meter yoke, which will remain the property of the District, paid for by the District. Upon the removal of the meter, the property owner is to pay for all costs to remove service line back to the Main.

F. Multi-family units that are connected shall have one (1) full price equity fee paid, and each additional units are to pay ½ of equity fee. Each unit will pay monthly charges and have it’s own meter, or a meter sized to accommodate the structure, as determined by the Board. Multiple un-connected living structures shall each have a Certificate, at full price .

G. For clarification, the owner of the Syringa Water District Certificate is responsible for payment of all water used, and a lien may be placed on that Certificate and/or the property that benefitted from that use.

H. All Certificate holders with an active connection agree to abide with all rules, requirements and controls of regulatory agencies, which govern the District, including water safety and pressure issues.



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the SYRINGA HEIGHTS WATER DISTRICT will terminate water service to your property on the __ day of ____________ 20__ unless you sooner pay to the District the sum of $ _______ for delinquent fees and the sum of $ _______for giving of this notice.

There will be additional fees assessed for terminating and reinstating the service.

Payment must be received by the District at the address given below, in cash or certified funds, not later than 5: 00 P M on the date specified above to avoid termination of service and the additional charge.

ADDRESS Mail payments to: P.O. Box 2401, Sandpoint, ID  83864 Email: Website: