Budget and Billing

Your bill is calculated in the following manner:

The board determines a budget for the fiscal year that runs from December 1 through November 30.  For the fiscal year 2019 to 2020 the board estimates the cost of operating the Syringa system to be $86,890.  This is an increase from the previous year because this year we are doing significant upgrades and repairs to the system. NOTE: The Reserve account also holds money for repairs and upgrades and money to help capitalize any future loans.  As of January  2019, there is  $344,402.20, an increase of $50,000 from last year, in the Reserve account. Money not spent on operations this fiscal year is rolled over to the capital reserve.

SYRINGA HEIGHTS WATER DISTRICT      December 1 2019 – November 31, 2020   BUDGET  Estimate 2019-2020    
Income from the base fees paid by 214 users.           86,890    Estimates 
Meter fee charge from City of Sandpoint (paid by customers)              4,551 Water likely sold to customers                  83,790
Late  Fees from  customers               3,690 Water likely purchased from Sndpt                   68,500
    Profit assigned to Reserve                   15,290
Nufs (anticipated)  ?     
TOTAL INCOME             95,131    
(Monthly base fee paid by 214 Users. Based on just operational expense, excluding waters sales which in our case is irrelevant             34    
Audit (general)             2,000    
Public Meetings (presentation of Plan, etc.)                 700    
Accounting, Billing 7200    
Administrative Expense 2000    
CCR Prep 100    
Certified Operator Cost 300    
Computer and web and Internet Expenses 1200    
Directors Fees 10000    
Dues and Fees 1800    
Engineering Services  (Estimate) 18000    
Install new service (charge) 300    
Insurance and Bonding 2000    
Legal Fees 5000    
Meetings 1500    
Meter Reading  (CO) + Badger 2500    
Meter Reading, Trimble 420    
Mileage 650    
Office supplies 150    
Post Office Box Rent 120    
Postage  2500    
Repairs and Maintenance 21000    
Site Locates 2200    
Plumbing Supplies reserve 0    
Software updates (Quick Books) 150    
Software updates (Badger System) 450    
Telephone Expense 700    
Utilities (power) 3000    
Water testing 950    
Leak costs to system ($380 x 12) 0    
BASIC OPERATIONAL EXPENSES              86,890    
TOTAL EXPENSES  $     86,890    
For Capital Reserve (income minus expenses)  $     23,531    

First, we have to be sure that the operations are paid for. To do that, we divide the number of Syringa water users (214 billings, as of January 2020) into the budget or the “Total Expenses”. That becomes our base payment. Everyone pays the base no matter how few or how many gallons he or she uses. The “base fee” as you can read on your green billing card has been $33.00 per month, increasing to $34 this year.

To that amount is added the amount of water you use per thousand gallons multiplied by the rate at which the City of Sandpoint sells Syringa Water District per thousand. For example, currently Syringa based on Sandpoint costs are:

  • $3.77 for the first 3000 gallons
  • $4.10 for 3000 to 15,000 gallons
  • $6.04 for 15,000 to 40,000 gallons
  • $7.69 for over 40,000 gallons

For example, one board member used a few months ago  exactly 4665 gallons. He pays $3.77 x the first three 1000 gallons or $11.31. He then is charged for 1665 gallons at the next rate level of $4.10 or $4.10 x 1.665 thousand gallons or $6.82. His total cost of water usage for December is $18.13.

To that is added a City of Sandpoint charge of $1.81 for Meter. Since the city of Sandpoint considers our water district as one user, it charges us, like it does each of its city users, a meter fee–in this case a three inch meter–of about about $350 a month which all us users have to share the cost. So, our board member paid for the month of December:

  • Base fee: $34.00
  • Water use costs: $18.13
  • City meter charge: $1.81
  • Total monthly bill: $53.94