Budget and Billing

Your bill is calculated in the following manner:

The board determines a budget for the fiscal year that runs from December 1 through November 30.  For the fiscal year 2023 to 2024 the board estimates the cost of operating the Syringa system to be $175,952.  NOTE: The Reserve account also holds money for repairs and upgrades and money to help capitalize any future loans.  As of November  2023, there is $487,686.09 in the Reserve account. Money not spent on operations this fiscal year is rolled over to the capital reserve.


  SYRINGA HEIGHTS WATER DISTRICT December 1 2023 – November 31, 2024 BUDGET  

Syringa Heights Water District Base Fee (228 users @ $34/mo.)

  Sandpoint Base Fee (228 users @ $23/mo.) $62,928
  Interest Income $20,000
  TOTAL INCOME $175,952
  Accounting, Billing $9,000
  Administrative Expense $7,500
  CCR Prep $300
  Certified Operator Cost $3,600
  Computer and web and Internet Expenses $1,000
  Directors Fees $12,000
  Dues and Fees $1,500
  Engineering Services (Miscellaneous) $10,000
  Water Loss $8,000
  Insurance and Bonding $2,800
  Legal Fees $15,000
  Meetings $1,500
  Meter Reading (CO) + Badger $2,400
  Meter Reading, Trimble $500
  Mileage $1,000
  Office supplies $150
  Post Office Box Rent $166
  Postage $1,500
  Repairs and Maintenance $25,000
  Site Locates $2,500
  Water Testing $1,500
  Software updates (Quick Books) $500
  Software updates (Badger System) $750
  Telephone Expense $1,000
  Utilities (power) $5,000
  Sandpoint Base Fee ($5,137.06 / mo.) $61,644.72
First, we have to be sure that the operations and maintenance are paid for. To do that, we divide the number of Syringa water users (228 billings, as of November 2023) into the budget or the “Total Expenses”. That becomes our base payment. Everyone pays the base no matter how few or how many gallons he or she uses. The “base fee” as you can read on your green billing card is $34.

To that amount is added the cost of water you use per thousand gallons multiplied by the rate at which the City of Sandpoint sells water per thousand gallons of usage.  For example, currently Sandpoint water usage fees are:

  • $3.04 for the first 6000 gallons
  • $3.88 for 6,001 to 20,000 gallons
  • $7,75 for 20,001 to 40,000 gallons
  • $8.72 for over 40,001 gallons

For example, a member that uses 6,800 gallons pays $3.04 per thousand for the first 6000 gallons or $18.24, and $3.88 per thousand for the next 800 gallons or $3.10.  Their total cost of water usage $21.34.  Note that you are only charged for the water you use.

To that is added a City of Sandpoint Base Fee of $23.

  • Syringa Base fee: $34.00
  • Water use costs: $21.34
  • Sandpoint Base Fee: $23.00
  • Total monthly bill: $78.34