Welcome to Syringa Heights Water District

In 1968, the Syringa Heights Water Association was created to help 150 households outside the boundaries of the city of Sandpoint jointly fund a water system.  The members used a federal grant to build the system.

In 1982 the association reformed itself as a water district, a legal, separate entity as described in Idaho Code.  It did so to grow the system and to establish a legal relationship with the city of Sandpoint.

The City of Sandpoint annually sells about 18,000,000 gallons of water (as of 2019) to Syringa Heights Water District. The city considers Syringa to be a “Wholesale” and charges Syringa water rates according to that class. 

As of July 2023 the system has 225 billed water users.  New connections are available.  The capitalization fee is $6,185.  (That’s what it costs to buy into the system which has been paid for by all the current and past water users since 1969.)  Meter installation fees are additional depending on your properties proximity to the district water main.