Current Board Members / Personnel

Tim C. Blankenship, P.E.
Tim Blankenship is a retired civil engineer and is the Chairman of the Syringa Heights Water District board.
Fred Darnell Syringa Water District Fred Darnell

Fred Darnell was one of the founding members of the board in 1978.  Thank you Fred for your great work and organizational skills!

Verna Gabel Syringa Water District Verna Gabel

Verna became a Syringa Water user in 1975 and began serving as a board member in 2010.  Thank you Verna for your years of service.

Rod Barcklay

Welcome to our newest board member Rod Barcklay.  We look forward to working with you for years to come!

Susan Drinkard

Susan has been a member of the water district for over 25 years.  She has worked as a journalist, social worker, and teacher in Bonner County and is a welcome addition to the board.

Other Personnel

Frank Cafferty

Frank is our certified operator. He is under contract with Syringa to do a number of critical jobs–from administrating billings to handling on site emergencies to providing the initial contact with new users.

Sewell Engineering

The Sewell Engineering team developed our long range plan and we have used them often on our construction projects. A local team, admired in the community, we work with Mr. Scott Brown, P.E.  We contract out work to them on a case by case basis.