Agenda for 8-13-2018 Meeting

Agenda 8/13/2019

Connies Restaurant: 4:00 PM

Meeting will be opened by the president at 4:00 PM

  1. President entertains any amendments to the agenda.
  2. President reviews last month’s minutes and asks for revisions, additions and approval.
  3. Old Business:
    • Report from Certified Operator.
    • Financial Report.
    • Water loss report.
    • Review of last meeting’s action items, if any.
  • New Business
    • Review of proposal from Dover for coordinating water and sewer services.  
    • Review of discussion between Tim, our engineer, and the City of Dover.
    • Review of possible construction  this summer/ fall and the improbable logistics of trying to size our system’s pipes to meet Sandpoint’s needs.
    • Summary of board action items to be completed by next meeting.
  • Closure of Meeting.