Minutes of 7-9-2019 Meeting

Meeting opened 4:05 PM bt President Stephen Drinkard

All Board members present

Visitors – Gregory and Diane Simons

Consideration given to the Simons to explain their presence.  They are in the process of purchasing a property that is in the City of Dover, and mostly within the District. Boundary lines have caused the County to divide Lot2 into Parcel A and Parcel B. They are getting water from Dover and wish to be out of the District. The Board explained that there are several properties with that problem, and is in the process of determining who would like to be in and who wants out. They were assured that the Board will include their property in the list who wish to be out, but the process may take several months, as notices need to be published, Notice of Hearing posted, Petition to Idaho Water Resource Board for approval, First District Court approval, etc. They can expedite theirs by itself, but would have to pay costs involved.

June Minutes accepted as printed – Verna – Frank 2nd

Report from Certified Operator

Financial Report as of July 1  $319,319.28    $20,142.55

Water loss for June – 109,097 gallons  ($411.31)

Review of Sewell status on plans and scheduling of future work. Frank to talk to Tim.

Review of Frank and Stephen meeting with City Mayor and Administrator. No agreement on Water Purchase documents.

Tim to review with Dover status of supply.

Stephen to continue work on By-Laws.

Frank to talk to John Nitzi about joining Board.

Frank moved to adjourn, Verna 2nd