Minutes of 8-13-2019 Meeting

Meeting Minutes


Meeting opened by President Stephen Drinkard at 4:00 PM

Board Members present – Darnell, Cafferty, Gabel

President entertained additions to Agenda –  Verna added “Discussion od 811 provisions” and Fred added “By-Law s discussion”

Additional topics approved for discussion.

Last months Minutes (7-9-2019) approved as written

Cert. Operator report:  Water tests OK – Had 19 locate requests during month – Overlay report from Interstate Asphalt for scheduling – Asewell working on pipe replacement on Syringa Road – Syringa won’t start any work until after this winter.

Financial Report : Deposits $15,906.41       Expenses $14,136.41

    Checking Balance  $$20,730.08         Reserve Balance   $ 319,332.84

Water Loss – 107,501 Gallons

Discussed Badger Meter Upgrades – Review of July minutes action items.

   Review of Sewell plans and future work scheduling

   City has not presented their Water Purchase Agreement for our review. Was to have it to us 4 weeks or so ago.

   Frank talked to John Nitzi about vacancy on Board. Will invite to September meeting.

Frank and Verna explained 811 system and our opportunity to go to their meetings. In Sandpoint every other month.

Stephen to respond to Dover per their request for us to co-operate with them on Sewer no-pays in our District, to shut off their water. This was considered last year but we were advised that since we are not a related entity we cannot do that. If a Water Purchase Agreement with Dover stipulated that as a condition, then we could do it.

By-Laws to be reviewed by Fred and Stephen and presented to September Board meeting for review.Meeting.

Frank new email is [email protected]

 Adjourned at 5:34 PM    Frank – Verna