Minutes of 5-20-2020 Meeting



Syringa Heights Water District

Meeting Minutes


Meeting opened by President Stephen Drinkard at 3 PM

Board Members present: Gabel, Nitcy, Blankenship, Darnell,

Visitor – Frank Cafferty – operations manager

Discussion RE: Dover review for water supply. Phone discussion with Ralph Sletager . Options discussed – Final decision after lengthy review was to not spend any more effort on Dover as water supplier, and to work on an agreement with City of Sandpoint.

President Drinkard will send a note to Ralph regarding that decision.

4-16 2020 minutes – Re: check signing – Cafferty to remain as payee on all bills except to him – Fred will review, sign and send approved bill to Cafferty for records on file.

Cafferty needs more time to get answers for logistics on what is required for generator building, location, approvals from County, etc. He will work with Sewell on this. Hopefully have this done by next meeting.Tim moved – Verna 2nd to proceed as needed .

Cafferty to determine what it takes and cost for moving boundary line in Tupelo Ridge area and other properties that are dissected by our boundary line,.

Financial Report – May 1, 2020 Checking $30,200.84 Reserve $ 344,459.79

Water loss 107,870 Bill from City 996,700 Billed to customers 888,850

Operator report – City bill rec’d on May 13th did not show water usage. New bill seemed irregular so Frank arranged with them to use June billing and average usage for 2 months.

Question from user in Canoe Cove re: residential sprinkler system requirements. Fred sent info on this from building codes to send to customer. (Backflow protector required, as is with yard sprinklers.)

Sewell to prepare site plan, etc for generator building and location. Tim to call Brian Quayle to co-ordinate with Sewell on gen building.

Sewell approved to prepare bid documents and advertise for bids on phase I improvements to include Jana Lane and cemetery connection .

Fred suggested that clarification notice Re: election of Board Members procedure be put on website below list of current Members. Stephen agreed to do so.

Drinkard gave draft of Policies to members to review and comment on at June meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 5:40 by Drinkard 2nd by Nitcy