Minutes of 6-10-2020 Meeting



Minutes 6/10/2020

Tim’s Shop, 163 Pinecrest Lane, Sandpoint, 3:00 PM

Board members present: Gable, Nitcy, Drinkard, Blankenship (Darnell is home, recuperating from operation)

Also present: Certified Operator, Frank Cafferty.

[The meeting was held in a place in which the board members can sit 10 feet apart.]

President opened meeting at 3:00 PM

  1. President entertained any amendments to the agenda.
    1. Tim B. introduced Sewell’s bills for previous work.
  2. Old Business
    1. Board minutes of the previous month were reviewed and approved by Tim and seconded by Verna G.
    2. Operator gave normal report. Drinkard asked Cafferty to work with Fred D to prepare a step by step task outline of what is to be done to de-annex from or to annex into Syringa. Cafferty said he would start writing the task list in Word and would work with Fred at next meeting to finalize.
  3. New Business:
    1. Discussion about meeting times during Pandemic. Second Tuesdays at 3:00.
    2. Tim B. gave update about Sewell’s movement on our bids for construction work this summer and the proposed natural gas generator on Pine.
    3. Drinkard discussed the idea that we have to start thinking how to pay for next summer’s higher cost construction work.
    4. Discussion of Policy statements. Members handed Drinkard their proposed changes. Drinkard said he would collate them into one document.
    5. Re-stated idea that In the future, all checks to Mr. Cafferty will be issued by our Secretary, Mr. Darnell.
  1. Closure of Meeting at 4:47.