Minutes of 4-24-2019 Meeting

Syringa Heights Water District

Special Meeting Minutes


Special meeting called to meet with Stephen Smith to discuss current issues with the City of Sandpoint.

Board members present:  Cafferty, Gabel, Darnell

 Meeting opened at 3 PM

Fred reviewed recently found information and gave copies to Mr. Smith. Board members asked questions on procedural issues.

 Mr. Smith will review and determine the best strategy going forward.

The meeting scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) at 10:30 was cancelled as Will Herrington, the City interim attorney, asked for 2 weeks to get caught up and visit with Mr. Smith about his findings.

He mentioned to Mr Smith that the City was getting irritated by Fred asking for copies of records. Jennifer Stapleton had mentioned this to Fred also on Tuesday the 23rd when Fred picked up some requested records.  Not sure how the State will look upon F O I A information being restricted.

Meeting adjourned at 4:15