Minutes of 7-21-2020 Meeting



Meeting Minutes


Board members present: Gable, Nitcy, Darnell, Blankenship, Drinkard

Meeting opned by Presdent Drinkard at 3:05 PM

President recapped agenda

June minutes approved as submitted – Verna moved, John 2nd – all in favor

Financial Repot 7-1-2020 Reserve : $344,494.23 CKG $ 35,617.60

Water Loss June 126,600 gallons

Operator Report – 28 locates in June – plus 8 additional not near our lines –One new service metered at 258 Canoe Cove – 5 requests for assessments for property being sold. All operations normal.

Discussion RE; step by step process for de-annexation for properties along West Boundary – process spelled out in Statute 42-3219 – Frank suggested that we have our attorney help with this. Fred declared that all incentives and costs for those owners should come from them and be paid by them. Boundary was established in 1968 when Association was formed and all owners at that time were aware of boundary and all purchasers since then should have been informed by their Title closings. The District has been approved by the Courts then and again in 1982 when we became a District, was published and approved by District Court. President Drinkard will inform those wishing to de-annex to form a committee and request in writing that we would approve, then they can proceed with de-annexation according to established rules- (DEQ @ IRWA) as applicable. Board agreed to proceed along these lines.

FRANK is waiting for information he requested from IWRA and will email Board members info as he gets it.

Fred made a motion that Frank and Stephen talk to Stephen Smith when info from IRWA is received for guidance – John 2nd – approved

Rebecca Hawkins is concerned about water pressure at her house – Frank will take a ststic pressure reading and work with her on a solution – Idaho Department of Water Resources (IDWR) (DEQ Idaho.gov) recommends a minimum of 20 pounds static, at highest fixture in residence,

be maintained .

Sewell – Bids due this week from 2 contractors – Board to be notified by Scott and Board has approval to make award by email to expedite process.

Generator – Brian Quayle found that pump station is in City of Dover – Need approvals and permits with easement approval TIM to co-ordinate with Brian and Dover for approvals, – Sewell to prepare drawings per Dover requirements and present to property owner for easement or ??

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FRED to check with County about road signs saying that “This area is served by Syringa Heights Water District”

Also approved a mailing to all property owners who do not have an existing service that water is available.

DRINKARD to work with Sewell to write required letter of Intent to DEQ for Phase 3 & 4 funding.

Application for Service form – JOHN to work with FRANK to develop this.

Board agreed to extend moratorium on late fees until Jan 1, 2021.

Motion to adjourn by Drinkard, 2nd by John –

Fred Darnell,