Agenda for 7-9-2019 Meeting

Agenda of 7/10/2019

Connies Restaurant: 4:00 PM

Meeting will be opened by the president at 4:00 PM

  1. President entertains any amendments to the agenda.
  2. President reviews last month’s minutes and asks for revisions, additions and approval.
  3. Old Business:
    1. Report from Certified Operator.
    1. Financial Report.
    1. Water loss report.
    1. Review of last meeting’s action items, if any.
    1. Review of Cedar Ridge and Dover situation.
    1. Review of discussions with Dover (Frank/ Tim)
  • New Business
    • Review of meeting with City Administrator and the Mayor. (Stephen / Frank).
    • Review of Sewell’s remediation effort on our system, beginning this summer. 
    • Summary of board action items to be completed by next meeting.
  • Closure of Meeting.