Minutes of 6-11-2019 Meeting

Meeting Minutes


Meeting opened by Pres, Stephen Drinkard at 4:38

Members present – Cafferty, Gabel, Darnell

Last months minutes approved as presented – Verna- Frank  —  all aye

Operators Report –  2 new user- – Lower Syringa Rd.  & Indian Meadows Rd.

      Stephen talked to Sewell to formalize work item priorities for this year. Frank to co-ordinate projects as small work and maintenance items and schedule and supervise.  Board authorized he be paid hourly for this commitment.

Financial report –   Reserve – $319,306.53    Checking  $17,267.25

Water loss- May1 thru May 31  88,144 gallons

Discussion Re:  Boundary lines cutting thru properties, and County creating 2 parcels for one lot or acreage,  and owners getting 2 tax notices instead of one. Sewell to identify these lots and Fred will send notices to property owners asking if they want in or out of the District. Petitions for clarification will need to go thru the public notice activities to be legal. Those staying in will have future access to the system, and those opting out will have to go thru the process to be included in the District. It would appear to be an asset to the property to have water available in a timely  manner in case wells go bad. Owners choice !

Discussion of  Attorney meeting. Mr. Smith to correspond with City again to try to get their attention to equitably resolve the issue. Integrity on the City part seems to be lacking,  as they have ignored timelines agreed upon. The issue may have to be resolved by going directly to City Council, since they are the elected and responsible contacts.

Fred to Check with IRWB to confirm State approved distribution area for City. Lic # 96-7505 and any later revisions, if any.   –FOIA from City for this.

Frank to talk to Bill Strand at Dover and get Sewell involved if need be to determine future relationship, since many of our users are in the City of Dover.

Fred to get Purchase agreement from City in Word format. Board members to review and comment on proposal, and will be presented to City by Mr. Smith when finished with review.

Frank – Verna moved to adjourn  — all aye 6:35