Minutes of 5-13-2019 Meeting

Meeting Minutes


Meeting opened by President Stephen Drinkard at 8:30 AM

Board members present:  Cafferty, Gabel, Darnell

Special Guest : JimWoodward

Motion to accept minutes of prior meeting : Verna/Frank


Certified Operator report:  No problems with system

Seventeen (17) one call requests for locates. Northview and Lula Court had several, which we do as well as the City, since in our District.

Monthly water test taken at random residence

Financial Report :  Savings  $289,294.24    Ckg : $42,114.73 Water Loss Report:  35,366

Last meeting action items:  City apparently ignoring their promise to get back to us with a meaningful dialogue Re: Encroachment issues.  City expressed dismay for having to supply FOIA requests. Idaho Code provides for fines up to $1,000.00 for non-compliance with requests. Both City Administrator and acting attorney made comments regarding our requests.

Stephen reported on USDA information.


Sewell will be asked to proceed with work to get bids for facility improvements.  Approval to proceed with starting work ASAP

Stephen will draft a letter to be mailed to all users/property owners within District.

Fred acquired a complete list of all properties within the taxing district. 

Board decided to renew talks with Dover, given new information from Frank.

Discussion about issues with City – Jim Woodward will review information from discussion and let us know his opinion on how best to proceed. Goal is to introduce legislation to close loophole which allows entities from infringing on another entities territory for monetary gain.

Stephen to follow up with email correspondence with Jim.

10:40  Motion to adjourn   Frank/Verna