Minutes of 12-11-2019 Meeting


                   Meeting Minutes


Meeting opened by Pres Drinkard at 4PM

Board members present :  Nitcy, Gabel, Darnell, Cafferty

No additions to Agenda

November minutes approved as stated

Cert. Operator Report: 

      Unable to contact Dean Press family – Fred to try also

      Water test OK

      25 locates in November

      Review with Sewell – phase 1 work

Secretary  Report: 

      Water Loss – Aprox 97,000 gallons

      Financial –  as of 12-2-19   Reserve  $344,387.87     Checking  $24,610.57

ByLaw progress report. Several clarifications were made. Board agreed to have Stephen finalize for replacing existing and post on website. Motion by Gabel, second by Nitcy

Operation policies will be reviewed at Jan meeting

 No response for Board member applicants. Will be reviewed at Jan meeting and if no activity, Board will be ratified at Feb meeting with existing members for 6 year terms.

 Budget was reviewed – changes  and clarifications need more work – Board to continue review at Jan meeting.

Motion to adjourn by Gabel, second by Cafferty   – 5:30 PM