Minutes of 8-11-2020 Meeting

Minutes 8/11/2020

Tim’s Shop, 163 Pinecrest Lane, Sandpoint, 3:00 PM

Board members present: Gable, Nitcy, Drinkard, Blankenship (Fred Darnell was absent)

Also present: Certified Operator, Frank Cafferty.

[The meeting was held in a place in which the board members can sit 10 feet apart.]

President opened meeting at 3:11 PM

Minutes from July meeting approved

President entertained any amendments to the agenda.

  1. Old Business
  1. No water loss statement presented
  2. Frank discussed de-annexation with Shelley Roberts, Idaho Rural Water concerning by-laws
  3. Frank had 39 locates for month, no water test for month of July. He has 3 assessment requests
  4. Tim gave review of generator. He may need a variance from dover. Ask for plans form Scott at Sewell. Plan to talk with landowner, Diericks.
  5. New Business:
    1. Agreed to Sewells contract for phase # 1-2
    2. Stephane discussed paying for phase 3 & 4. Read letter from Katie Baker, Idaho DEQ
    3. Tim presented handout on service area for Syringa
    4. Board grants Fred permission to acquire lawyer for questions associated with discussions about service area between the city of Sandpoint and Syringa water. Total expenses not to exceed $600.
  1. Verna motioned closure of Meeting at 4:47. John Nitcy seconded it.