Minutes of 11-14-2017

Syringa Heights Water District

Meeting Minutes

11-14 2017


Meeting opened at 4:05 By Pres. Mike Benjamin


Board Members Present – Gabel, Drinkard, Cafferty, Darnell


Guest: Jon Ketchum



Discussion Re:  System Repairs of Pressure Regulator #4 which controls the Lower Syringa Rd, Canoe Cove and Ontario St. East of Lower Syringa.  A new PRV was installed and pressure set at arounf 65 PSI. Frank will monitor this and make corrections to pressure as needed to adequately serve members in that area.


Discussion Re: Letter from D E Q in response to a complaint from someone on Canoe Cove about excessive water pressure. This problem has been resolved by replacing the faulty P R V. This information was given to Tim at Sewell and he will respond to DEQ. Frank will respond as well.


Discussion Re:  Installing Meters to isolate the area North of Pine Street. This would involve a meter on Upland Dr and one near the cemetery on Pinecrest.  General opinion was that we should do this, but to wait until the meter readings at the end of November to confirm the water loss we had last month. Jon will look into the cost of these meters and report to the Board.


Stephen will post additional information regarding water pressure to our website. DEQ is requesting follow up notification to affected members. This will be posted on the website under NEWS.


December and January billings will have a note on them advising of Board election. Reference to the By-Laws to be made.


Respectfully Submitted

Fred Darnell