Minutes of 9-9-2019 Meeting

Meeting Minutes


Meeting opened by President at 4:05 PM

Board members present : Darnell. Cafferty, Gabel

Visitor :  John Nitcy

President entertained “Changes to Agenda”

    Frank added “Discuss new Correspondence”

John Nitcy was introduced as possible new Board Member

Minutes of 8-13-2019 approved as written

Old Business

Cert. Operator Report –

    15 locates –

    Introduction of letter from property owner regarding connection expense

    Water leak on Pinecrest found and repaired.

    Letter from prior Attorney acknowledging termination of his affiliation with

     the District

Water loss for August – 130,259 gallons

Financial balances as of 9-1-2019     Operation account – $ 26,596.81     Reserve account  $319,346.40

Review of prior actions –

    City still has not presented District with Purchase Agreement

    Stephen talked to Dover about co-operating with request for water shut off for their sewer   customers. City did not agree with the proposal Stephen presented them.

    By Law presentation by Fred, using Whitworth Water District ByLaws as template. Stephen felt it was conflicting ByLaws and Policy and they need to be restated, with more definement. He will come up with his rendition and present it at the next meeting. No Board action taken.

     No new information from Dover on water supply possibilities.

New Business

Stephen will talk with Sewell to determine if they can put a map of the District on our website that shows all properties within our Boundary and indicate which ones are connected to the system.

   John Nitcy indicated he would like to be a Board member. Frank made the proposal and the Board voted for his appointment.   Welcome to the Board, John – this fills an empty position on the Board.

The seats filled by John Nitcy and Fred Darnell expire and will be on a ballot in December, for election or confirmation in February, 2020. See the current ByLaws for details on this process. Anyone wishing to run for these positions are encouraged to do so, by submitting their names before December 1, 2019.

Motion for Adjournment 6 PM  all AYE !