Minutes of 11-12-2019 Meeting

                   Meeting Minutes


Meeting opened at 4 PM by President Stephen Drinkard

Board members present:  Nitcy, Gabel, Darnell, Cafferty

Visitor:  Scott Brown, Engineer

Addition to Agenda – 

     Drinkard conversation with Atty Stephen Smith RE: Boundary

    Time payments for Equty  Fee

Old minutes approved   Moved by Verna – 2nd by Frank

Certified Operator Report:

    14 locates

    1 New Connecttion

    Notice on November bills RE:  Board elections

Secretary Report:  Reserve as of 11-11-19  $344,373.42   Checking  $26,572.06

      Water Loss October 2019  98,240 gallons     $337.36

Stephen reported on progress of our new ByLaws and Procedures document.  He will email to Bosrd members for review and comment.

A new connection was approved on Upland, and the Equity fee will be paid over a period of one year.

The Boundary adjustment procedure has been tabled, since only one of 26 properties affected by the County Assessor dividing line complained. The division of 26 propeerties was done because our Boundary dissects those parcels, but does not affect assessment values. The advantage is that if the remaining affected properties not now being served by the District (15) wish for water in the future, connecting them will not be an issue.

Frank moved to adjourn – Verna 2nd